Being one of the most widely used disinfectants, the odour of bleach is by many associated
with the smell of swimming pools, hospitals and nursing homes.
It has a distinctively chemical smell, piercingly clinical and sterilizing.



The smell of roasted coffee is at once sacred and profane, the smell of an everyday ritual. Since its discovery, coffee has been cherished as much for its aromatic quality as for consummation. The deep smell of roast rises through notes of nuts and bitter fruit till it reaches a flowery sweetness.

Eucalyptus oil

The aromatic oil of the eucalyptus tree has a pungent and purifying smell. 

A fresh scent of wood with hints of pine, minty and lemony tones, and a sweet honey-like aspect.


The resinous ‘tears’ of the Boswellia tree, also known as olibanum.

Evoking the spiritual, this scent is both volatile and earthy. A sharp and intense aroma, tangy as citrus yet with a deep smell of wood.

Indole solution

Indole is an aromatic organic compound, naturally present in certain flowers, such as jasmin, lilac and tuberose ... [Work in progress]



Since ancient days, this aromatic resin has been treasured for its antiseptic properties and not least for its fragrance. A dry, warm and woody scent, with an underlying medicinal tone.

Oakmoss tincture

Despite its name, oak moss is a species of lichen growing on various types of trees. The scent can be described as both dusty and green, a tanginess combined with a rich earthen aroma. Further, since eaten by numerous herbivores, the odour of oakmoss has become instinctively linked to a musky and animalic aroma.

Pineapple juice

The juice of this tropical fruit which to many insinuates a sense of exoticism. A sweet and sour fruity smell with a hint of wax and a slight note of fermentation.  

Rotten water

Lingering around opaque lakes and still ocean rims, the stench of rotten water is naturally not the smell of water itself, but of the various organic compounds decaying therein. A sulphuric odor with similarities to rotten eggs.

Seaweed tincture

The alcoholic extraction of fresh seaweed. A savory oceanic aroma, salty and green.

Smoke tincture

The alcoholic extraction of scorched wood. Being the olfactory essence of fire, the associations and symbolism of this smell is as comprehensive as mankind’s relationship with embers and flames themselves. Simultaneously, the scent is as disturbing as a forest on fire or a cigarette in bed, and as comforting as a hot meal or bonfire on a cold dark night.

Vetiver oil

An essential oil extracted from the roots of the grass known as khus. Deep and extremely earthy to the smell, the aroma is at once warm like the scent of dried leaves, yet chilly as the odour of digging in the cold soil.