2014-2016 — Master of Fine Arts, Malmö Art Academy, SE

2011-2014 — Bachelor of Fine Arts, Malmö Art Academy, SE

2010-2011 — Preliminary Art Education, Spektrum School of Art, DK


Selected Exhibitions

2018 — (upcoming) — COMPOST, Eks-Rummet, Copenhagen

2017 — Feed (Hors De Oeuvre), The Zoo, Copenhagen
2017 — Saliva of the Sun, Global Art Gallery, Copenhagen
2016 — Cords & Crossings, KHM Gallery, Malmö
2016 — Tabulator Project, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus (group)
2015 — Figures of Fire, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö
2014 — Krypto Vulgaris, KHM Gallery, Malmö
2013 — A Tribute to Death to Celebrate Life, The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen (group)
2013 — Of Admiration of the Obscure, Inter Arts Center, Malmö (group)
2013 — The Spurious Science Behind the Bastard Preach, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö
2012 — Tributary Mock, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö


Selected Publications
2017 — How to Craft a House Spirit, The Journal of Wild Culture
2016 — Yearbook 2015-2016, Malmö Art Academy
2016 — Costellazioni e Sistema Gemellare, Graziella Concetta Freni, Psiche 2 (Illustration)
2014 — Yearbook 2013-2014, Malmö Art Academy

Grants and Support
2017 — Support of Culture, The Mexican Embassy of Denmark
2017 —International Cultural Exchange and Travel Grant, IASPIS, Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Daniel Seferian Spies

Born 1990, Copenhagen, Denmark

Daniel Seferian Spies works primarily with conceptual installation art, in a particular narrative context. His art and practice is committed to international and cross-cultural research, and critical studies of history, philosophy and anthropology. Through his varied use of media and materials, Daniel's works often appear as peculiar scenographies, resuscitating obscure stories and reawakening dormant artifacts.